Dear Mr. Business Owner,

My name is Allison Bolt. I am a member of the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) at XYZ School. XYZ is located in our shared community of Knoxville. XYZ is a not for profit 501(c)3 school offering for children from K4-high school.

I would like to let you know about an opportunity for you to partner with our school. We are hosting a family movie night with a public showing of a feature film on Friday, November 4, 2011. All proceeds go towards upgrading technology throughout our campus.

Here is how you can be a part of this mission. I would ask that you consider sponsoring at least one 20 second slide advertising your business on a Powerpoint presentation to be cycled on the Silver Screen Outdoor Events inflatable movie screen before the feature film begins. Your support is a vital link to the success of this event!

There are approximately 30 twenty second PowerPoint slide slots available. You can purchase as many of these as you want for a donation of $XX per slot. Because XYZ is a 501(c)3 organization, your donation may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and we will gladly provide the appropriate documentation for tax purposes.

Thank you in advance for your loyal support of our XYZ!


Allison Bolt